What Gig Buddies Means To Me

Posted 07/06/2017

Josh Barton is the director of Upward Mobility, an Edinburgh charity offering a curriculum of creative workshops and vocational programmes to people with a learning disability. Here, Josh talks about what Gig Buddies means to Upward Mobility.

Gig Buddies is a brilliant project. It’s only natural that Upmo would want to collaborate with them. We want more opportunities for our students and that’s what Gig Buddies provides.

Just this year Gig Buddies has put together some fantastic music events and created a number of exciting ‘first time’ experiences for some of our students as well as their families – not to mention some of our staff as well.

It is about levelling the playing field of social opportunity and working to do simple things that can have a normalising effect on life. “I want to go see a movie on Friday night and maybe get a drink” – Gig Buddies response to this is: “Let’s find a volunteer that can do that with you, and make that happen.”

The whole approach is about getting out there beyond, what for some, can be a routine which is restricted by the needs of support shift patterns or just the wholesale lack of support. I’m proud to say that Upmo has been a supporter of Gig Buddies from day one and we look forward to an exciting road ahead.

Gig Buddies have collaborated twice with ‘UpMo’ for the series of gigs we’ve been running this year. 

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