Gig Buddies Release Their Christmas Song!

Posted 15/12/2020

Gig Buddies with Thera have released their Christmas song and music video, to spread a positive message at the end of a challenging year!

Our Gig Buddies, part of the Gig Buddies with Thera Trust, have come together to spread some festive cheer with their very own song and music video! 

Members chose to recreate, ‘Feed The World’, in order to give everyone the opportunity to sing a line and have their own spotlight. The music was recorded by Gig Buddies Project Manager, Sam Maggs, with Gig Buddies members recording their vocals over Zoom. 

The song was re-written to reflect Gig Buddies’ ethos and to spread a positive message after an unusual year! 

 Here is a small snippet to get you in the spirit: 


There’s a world outside your window, And it’s a world of love and cheer 

Where Gig Buddies is online, with events throughout the year 

With DJ nights and bake off’s, it’s not all doom and gloom 

Well tonight we’re meeting up, join us on zoom 


We hope you enjoy Gig Buddies’ song which you can find on their Facebook page:  Gig Buddies with Thera Trust | Facebook

If you would like to support Gig Buddies with Thera Trust you can do so here:!/DonationDetails