Gig Buddies to launch in Glasgow

Posted 01/07/2019

Thera (Scotland) is proud to announce Gig Buddies Scotland will launch a new project in Glasgow in September 2019, with support from The National Lottery Community Fund.

Gig Buddies Scotland - coming to Glasgow September 2019

Gig Buddies Scotland aims to pair people with a learning disability to a volunteer who shares similar interests. This could be music, theatre, sport or whatever the person’s ‘gig’ is. Pairings are then free to develop their relationship at the own pace, in ways that best suit them.

The funding will allow the project in Glasgow to support 30 pairings over 3 years, whilst also running regular social events in the city. Gig Buddies Scotland also aims to work closely with local venues to enable people with a learning disability to access their local live music scene.

Sam Maggs, Project Lead said: “With one of the most vibrant music scenes in the UK, we see Glasgow as the perfect city for Gig Buddies and we can’t wait to get started!”

To stay up to date with Gig Buddies Scotland news, visit the Gig Buddies Scotland Facebook page.