Gig Buddies West Lothian Attend a Singalong gig at Purple Orange

Posted 17/03/2022

On Saturday 5th March our friends at Purple Orange in Bathgate held a Singalong gig for local artists and Gig Buddies West Lothian


Sam came through from Edinburgh with his guitar and a group of Edinburgh gig buddies to join in the fun.

Kevin: “I just thought the whole thing was brilliant – especially the joy that was evident on everyone’s faces as they all joined in singing along at the top of their voices. It was a very happy and fun occasion!”

Pam and Innes

We heard from some local artists and then it was time for Sam and the gang to get on stage, almost all the gig buddies got up for a turn on the mic. They all had a great time!

Megan and Kieran

Kieran: “I enjoyed it, didn’t want to get on stage but enjoyed singing along anyway.”

Megan: “I loved it, lots of fun!”

Sandra sang ‘Sweet Caroline’ with Sam

Sandra singing ‘Sweet Caroline’ with Sam











Euan sang ‘I won’t back down’

Euan singing ‘I won’t back down’ with Sam and Scott on the cajon

Euan: “I enjoyed singing and being with all the other Gig Buddies”

Joseph and Colin sang ‘Super Trouper’

Colin and Joseph singing ‘Super Trouper’ with Sam

Joseph and Robert sang ‘Another one bites the dust’

Robert and Joseph singing ‘Super Trouper’ with Sam

Natalie sang ‘Let it Go’

Natalie singing ‘Let it Go’ with Sam

Cameron sang ‘Teenage Dirtbag’

Cameron singing ‘Teenage Dirtbag’ with Sam

Joseph sang ‘9-5’

Joseph singing ‘9-5’ with Sam

Joseph: “I really really enjoyed it and I really enjoyed going on stage with Sam, that was my favourite part of the evening. Was really 10/10 top class!”

Colin sang ‘Sit Down’

Colin singing ‘Sit Down’ with Sam and Scott on the cajon

Colin: “Really enjoyed this event, I’d go back again!”