Gig Buddies West Lothian go to Killer Instinct @DreadnoughtRock

Posted 03/12/2021

Gig Buddies West Lothian recently held our November Social at DreadnoughtRock

Gig Buddies West Lothian held our November social at Dreadnought Rock in Bathgate, we saw the band Killer Instinct who are a tribute band that play the same music as The Killers.


We had a great time, lots of catching up with each other and a lot of dancing!

“I liked all of it! I haven’t been to the Dreadnought Rock before but I’d go back. The music was good and it was good to catch up with friends”



“I enjoyed the gig very much! I really liked the music and seeing everyone.”


“My favourite part of the night was when the band sang ‘Somebody told me’ and ‘Mr Brightside’”


“I enjoyed it, I liked dancing and joining in with all the other people.”


The venue was very accessible for us, and we even had a table reserved for us. This made a huge difference for us as we all had an area that we felt comfortable to enjoy ourselves. The door staff were friendly and welcoming, and happy to help when we had a small mix up with tickets.

“I enjoyed the music. My favourite part was the dancing, I danced a lot. I’d definitely go back!”


We would all definitely go back to Dreadnought Rock, would we buy tickets for Killer Instinct again…absolutely!