Happy retirement to Anne!

Posted 01/09/2023

Forward Housing say a fond farewell to long-standing team member Anne, who is starting her well-earned retirement.

Anne started her career in social housing helping the homeless find homes. After she left that role, she found a job that was advertising developing accommodation for people with a learning disability, and she jumped at the opportunity.

It was the personal touch that attracted Anne to the role, being able to work with the tenants and reflect their wishes and requirements into the build was a special experience.

In her role as Housing Development Manager, Anne has worked with the people we support as their first point of contact when they are looking for a place to live. Working closely with their families and others.

One of the best things about my job is returning after three and seven years, to see how people have settled in, and how living there has given them a springboard to leading their own life, the way they want.

Even through the ups and downs of finding homes, Anne has remained positive and has always loved working with the people we support, putting them first in everything she does. It reflects in two of her favourite moments.

One is when she received a phone call from a couple she had worked with before. They had always wanted to get married but were unable to do so at the time. They called her recently to tell her they were getting married the next month. They told her all about the dress and the reception. They called because they really wanted her to know all about their special day.

The second was when she worked with finding a young man in Thera East Anglia, Will, a home. She had noted that he loved sports and would make a great sports commentator. She is proud to see that he has now started his own Sportscast on Facebook and has had interviews for a job in the sports related news industry.

Her favourite moments reflect someone who has always been dedicated to the people we support. It is also reflected in her parting words…

Ultimately, it’s not about the bricks and mortar, it’s about the people who live there.

Thank you for an incredible career, Anne. Your drive to help people will be dearly missed. Enjoy your well-earned retirement.