Happy retirement to Glenda and Yvonne!

Posted 27/04/2023

Thera East Midlands says a sad farewell to Yvonne and Glenda, who both started their social care careers in the 1980s before joining Thera in 2000, as they start their well-earned retirements.

A photo of Glenda and Yvonne. Glenda on the left is holding flowers. Yvonne is holding a blue balloon that says "you'll be missed"Today marks Yvonne and Glenda’s last day with Thera East Midlands as they start their very well-earned retirements!

Yvonne started her career at Norton Lea, formerly an NHS hospital setting for people with a learning disability in Boston, in 1980. When Thera took over people’s support in ~2000, she played a key part in enabling people to move on from their hospital placements to supported living for the first time.

Yvonne has been an integral part of the Thera team since then, training the next generation of social care workers to develop in their careers and ensure we remain focused on providing the very best support to people with a learning disability.

When we asked Yvonne what she would like to tell the next generation of social care workers, she said: “Treat people as you want to be treated. If your favourite person in the world needed support, what would you expect for them?”

She also said: “On a personal note, I’ve been very proud to be a part of people’s journeys.”

Glenda started as a healthcare assistant at Norton Lea in 1986, before being promoted to Assistant Manager of the on-site day centre. When Thera took over the support at Norton Lea in ~2000, she worked with the team to start a completely new approach to day support – which we now know as Kingsway.

Since then, Glenda has worked tirelessly to get support right for people with a learning disability and to make the most of the opportunities available in the community. One of her passions over the years has been training and mentoring staff and seeing them progress in their careers.

Both Yvonne and Glenda will be dearly missed by us all here at Thera East Midlands. We wish you both a wonderful retirement!