Help us spread the positivity!

Posted 12/05/2020

We would like you to sing, dance or sign along to our song to spread love, joy and positivity during this difficult time.

During these difficult times music can bring fun, joy and happiness to people. It enables people to feel connected, express themselves and feel free from worries.

Our song is ‘Don’t worry, Be Happy’ and you can take part in a range of ways:

  • You can send a video of you dancing to the song
  • You can send a video of you singing along to the song
  • You can join in with us by signing to the words and video yourself. The Makaton signs will be sent to you
  • You can make a sign saying, ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’ and take a photo of you holding the sign
  • You can be silly and send a picture of yourself that makes you feel happy – could be a silly selfie, or fancy dress

This will then be transformed into a positive video with the song that will be shared on our social media and our website!

If you think you would like to take part and become a Thera Popstar and would like to spread some joy and happiness to others,

Email us at by Monday 18 May to register your interest and find out more about how to get involved!