How Donna Spent Red Nose Day!

Posted 01/04/2021

Donna, who we support in Thera East Midlands, wanted to share how she spent Red Nose Day 2021.

Hi! My name is Donna and I would like to share how I celebrated Comic Relief on the 19.3.21.

I made my own red nose day banners for the day using wool and paper. I then put them up around my home.

We played a game of bobbing red nose’s for this, my staff helped us to get a big bowl of water and put the noses. Me and my friends/housemates then attempted to pick up a nose using only our mouths!

I found 3 nose’s, my friends also got some. We even won prizes.

After, we played Bing and my staff made it really good by calling out the numbers using a funny voice.

We had a great day red nose day, it was fun.

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