How Thera has helped Shona grow

Posted 08/07/2021

Shona, Senior Support Worker for Thera (Scotland) reflects on 23 ways Thera has helped her grow, in celebration of Thera's 23rd birthday.

On Tuesday 6 July, Thera celebrated its 23rd birthday. 23 years of supporting adults with a learning disability to live the life they choose. 23 years of growing, and showing that people with a learning disability CAN be leaders in our society!

I have had the privilege of working with Thera (Scotland) for close to 4 years. This week, I am reflecting on some of the many ways working with Thera has helped me grow, and celebrating them- here are my 23!

1- Starting off a career in social care

2- Knowledge of the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) codes of practice

3- In house training

4- Registration with Scottish Social Services Council

5- Communicating skills

6- Role model

7- Planning skills

8- Confidence

9- Trip to Santorini

10- Open badges

11- Extra training soured out with Thera 12- SVQ Level 3

13- Senior promotion

14- Using creativity in support

15- Walking alongside people in ups and downs of life

16- Contentment in my job

17- Providing person centred support

18- Meeting amazing people

19- Life of Thera project

20- Filling in paperwork

21- Passion for our vision

22- Having a voice

23- Social work interactions

So, whether you are a staff member, or someone that Thera supports, why not take some time to think of 23 ways Thera has helped you? I promise it’s not as hard as you may think!
Happy Birthday Thera- here’s to the next 23 and beyond!