Jenny’s holiday

Posted 10/07/2024

Jenny was recently supported by Susannah and Angela to go on holiday for the first time in many years! Read more about her time on holiday here.

A picture of three ladies (Angela, Susannah and Jenny) on holidayWhen Thera East began supporting Jenny, she had few personal belongings with no money. She had experienced difficulties in her life and has found it hard to adapt to her changing health and mobility needs.

Jenny is a real character and loves to tell us what she is thinking. She likes to be independent and still believes she should be able to walk.

Jenny has not been on holiday for many years but recently decided it was something she wanted to do. Jenny chose which staff members went with her, and she asked Susannah and Angela.

The holiday from start to finish was so good. Jenny had a permanent smile and she kept on saying thank you.


The staff were absolutely amazing and made the holiday special!

Jenny loved her queen sized bed and the food was just a mountain to get through with so much choice! Jenny said the entertainment was outstanding, especially the night time cabaret. They played Bingo every night before the shows started.

Jenny has been sharing her stories with everyone since she got back, and has said she now wants a queen sized bed at home and to go back on holiday!

We are delighted that Jenny had such a wonderful time on holiday and hope to hear about her next trip very soon!

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