Jordan Allan To Sit on SCLD Employment Panel

Posted 18/01/2021

Jordan Allan, Service Quality Director for Thera (Scotland) will share his experiences at a webinar hosted by Scottish Commission for Learning Disabilities.

On Wednesday 20 January , Jordan Allan will sit on an SCLD Employment Panel for an important webinar. The webinar aims to highlight the skills and experiences people with a learning disability can bring to the workplace.

SCLD Employment Panel

SCLD actively encourages employers to be more inclusive and to make their workplaces more accessible. Jordan is the Service Quality Director for Thera (Scotland) and will be sharing his experience of working with Thera!

Jordan joined Thera as a Service Quality Director during the national restrictions and has adapted well to working and meeting people virtually. Therefore, he is passionate about ensuring people with a learning disability have equal access to opportunities and champions this in his day to day role.

Jordan is very proud to have been asked and will answer questions about what his role at Thera (Scotland) entails. Good look Jordan, we can’t wait to hear all about it!

To register for the SCLD Employment Panel webinar follow this link.

For more information about Thera (Scotland), check out their Facebook page!