K* achieves her goal of moving into her own home!

Posted 11/02/2022

Thera South West started working with K* and her circle of support in February 2019. K* really wanted to become more independent and move into her own home.

Before being supported by Thera South West, K* had often not been given the opportunity to be independent and do things for herself. However, since her move in August 2019, she is really happy with how things are going and loves her new home!

K* has a wonderful staff team who have supported her through the process of moving into her own place. Their person-centred approach and dedication have allowed K* the freedom to live more independently, with choice and control over what she does each day.

Since being supported by Thera South West, K* now has access to her own Motability vehicle which has helped her access the activities she enjoys. She has loved being able to go swimming, enjoy theatre shows and concerts, and visits to the coast. K* has recently had a fantastic time on a Haven holiday too!

As well as being supported in her own home, K* has really taken to being involved in the community. Twice a week, K* attends a group in Dorset, where she has been able to learn independent life skills. She’s also taken part in a range of clubs, which has enabled her to get involved in arts and crafts, sports and keep-fit.

Craig – Manager, joined K’s* support team in May 2019. He says: “She’s done tremendously well. She’s incredible and she’s living her best life.”

Dawn – Advocate, has been K’s* 1:2 Representative since she was a young girl. Dawn says:

Since K’*s move to [her own home], I am so happy and impressed to see all of the positive changes that have taken place for her over the last two years. She has come on in leaps and bounds, developing in to a much more self-assured, self-responsible, more independently minded and functioning young adult. What a great difference can be made by the right bespoke approach by the right people!

We are delighted that K* has been able to achieve her dreams of living independently and we are looking forward to hearing more about what she gets up to in the coming months!

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*The individual’s name has been changed to protect their identity.