Learning Disability Week 2020!

Posted 19/06/2020

Learning Disability Week is here and this year the theme is friendships! Find out about some of the different ways we help people to form and maintain meaningful friendships.

Volunteer with Thera!

There are many ways you can get involved in volunteering with Thera whether you want to have fun with a new friend, teach someone a new skill, or be a key part of how Thera works. This can be through becoming a Gig Buddy or helping support people with a learning disability to understand how they can develop a healthier lifestyle, feel confident and take control of their lives.

See what volunteer opportunities we currently have!


A circle of support is a group (usually of 6 or more people) who are invited to come together to offer support and advice to someone with a learning disability.

Every circle is unique but what they have in common is that they consist of people who choose to be in your life. They are not paid to be there. You will meet with them regularly and develop strong relationships of care and personal friendship.

Find out more about circles and the impact these have for people with a learning disability.

Find out more about circles and the impact these have for people with a learning disability.

Events encouraging friendships

The Camden Society (London) held a ‘Friendathon’ event earlier this year to encourage the people they support to form meaningful friendships.

They travelled to Paddington in London for a night of games and laughter. The games included an ice breaker which encouraged the people we support to share stories and find common interests with each other. The questions for the ice breaker were created by Anne, a person supported by The Camden Society (London).

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If you would like to get involved in enabling people to form meaningful friendships or would like to find out more, contact us!