Exciting launch of the “Living Life” Series

Posted 17/06/2021

#LivingLife - Thera Trust partners with New Prospects, Aldingbourne Trust and Paradigm to produce a series of short films to show how people are living their life!

‘Living Life.’ is a series of short films where people with a learning disability and/or autism talk about how they live life. Each film tells a different story.

These films have been created to help people think creatively about how they choose to live life or support people to live life – to think about what more is possible. You could use them in team meetings, with people who have a learning disability and/or with families. You can pause the films when you think a discussion would be good. Each film gives some tips and questions to prompt your discussion.

This is a partnership project created by Thera Trust, The Aldingbourne Trust, New Prospects and Paradigm.

Watch the “Living Life” series

In line with these films, Thera Trust have launched a project to re-imagine support for people with a learning disability to be more community focused.

If you would like to find out further information on our Thrive project please contact us at info@thera.co.uk