Nat Enjoys Valuable Work Experience With Support From Thera East Anglia

Posted 20/12/2021

Nat was recently able to have a work trial as a Leaflet Distributor with the support of Thera East Anglia

Being in a role where you can fully enjoy the sunshine (British weather dependant of course), is one that Nat has been fortunate to have. With the help from Terri, she successfully landed the important position of a leaflet distributor, “I really liked the idea of being a postwoman, and so Terri helped me to write my CV and understand what I wanted to do for work”.

Nat was able to undergo a work trial with the company before she took on the role. At Thera, work trials are always fully encouraged and recommended by their Job Coaches.

“We always want to work around what is best for the individual and sometimes a job interview may not be suitable in certain circumstances”, mentioned Terri. “In these instances, work trials provide a fantastic opportunity to see whether the role will be a good fit for those we support, as well as to see what measures the company can put in place to be able to fully accommodate their needs.”

What did Nat enjoy the most? “I liked getting out and exercising. It was nice to go to different places and meet new people, but sometimes it was difficult to get the leaflets through the door!”

Nat is now looking to work in a different role for the future – “hopefully in an office with something more structured to do. Having a job made me feel good about myself so I am excited!”

If you would like to find out more about how Thera East Anglia can support you to take part in a work trial like Nat, please contact us and a member of our friendly team will be able to help you!

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