New Sensory Room in Thera (Scotland)!

Posted 30/12/2021

A group of people supported by Thera (Scotland) in Dalkeith have recently seen their vision for a new sensory room come to life.
H doing the official ribbon cutting in the sensory room with Donna and Malcolm.

We support a group of 5 individuals to live together in Dalkeith, who have been unable to access community sensory facilities because of COVID-19. Their staff team have worked hard to create a sensory space they can enjoy in their own home.

The individuals can now enjoy exercising, interacting with the sensory equipment, and watching movies on their brand new beanbags. They have also benefitted from a new smart TV to join virtual video calls, some of which have included consultation events, quality assurance checks and interactions with friends, family and other teams.

The sensory room is very well used and even though the individuals are starting to resume their pre-pandemic activities, individual and group sessions in the sensory room are still an important part of their week.

The sensory room has been an amazing addition to their home; everyone uses it individually or in small groups of two or three people, working on craft projects together. It also gives people a space to go when they want some quiet time.

Margaret, Community Support Leader, says: “The team have been amazing at putting the new sensory room together. It was definitely a joint effort but so worth every stressful second when you see just how much the people we support love using the space for so many different things.”

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