Our Staff Members Share Their Goals For 2021

Posted 27/01/2021

Some of our team members have been reflecting on 2020 and have decided to share their goals for 2021.

After an unusual 2020, we asked some of our team members to share the important lessons they had learnt and share their goals for 2021!

Ellie Wade

Ellie, our Digital Marketing officer, started working at Thera in January 2020 and has recently celebrated her year anniversary!

My first year with Thera has been amazing and very unexpected. When I started in January I did not expect to be working during a global pandemic or becoming a permanent member of the team. Although 2020 presented its challenges, the year has also had many positives!

The major lessons I have taken away from 2020 have been:

  1. Expect the unexpected – you never know what is going to be thrown at you!
  2. Spend as much quality time with your family as possible.
  3. Technology is the way forward. During the pandemic, technology has allowed me to speak to friends from across England and regular Zoom quizzes have definitely passed the time!

My goals for 2021:

  1. To spend quality time with friends and family when restrictions allow.
  2. To ensure I have a healthy wellbeing whilst working from home. I want to make sure I am checking my wellbeing regularly and visiting our mental health hub when I need resources and guidance.
  3. Strive to achieve success in everything I do and keep a positive attitude always.”

Claire Driscoll

Claire, Team Coordinator at Thera East Anglia, highlighted the importance of staying in contact with friends and loved ones.

Pre-Covid I might of thought I am too tired to visit someone or I could always call them tomorrow. But now I can’t wait to be able to do the simple things; walk straight to my parents, hug my best friend and sit on the sofa with my niece’s. 2020 has blown me away how amazing people can be. I definitely know some superhero’s!

In 2021 I want to challenge myself to learn something new each month. I LOVE my job but I want to LOVE it more! I also want to support people to develop networking events at The Meeting Place, to help create more opportunities for people.

Personally I have set myself a fitness challenge of completing 3 “body coach” work outs a week. Plus, when Covid allows, I want to go back to Vietnam and plan a trip to India!”

Our staff members share their goals, but what about yours? Let us know!

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