New COVID-19 Roadmap for England

Posted 25/02/2021

There is a new plan for easing the lockdown restrictions in England.

The Government has published the 4 steps to easing coronavirus restrictions in England. This will be reviewed by scientists and the Government regularly.

England will not move from one step to another without the Four Tests being achieved.

View our Easy Read on what the Four Tests are

If evidence shows that these Four Tests are not being met then the Government can pause moving on to the next step.

All of England will go into Step 1 on Monday 8 March with more easing of restrictions happening on Monday 29 March.

You can find out what will change in the Easy Read below:

Roadmap: Step 1 (516kB)

You can see our all Easy Reads on every step in the COVID-19 Roadmap on our Guidance in England page.


Correct at time of publication: Thursday 25 February 2021, 12:22