Summer Adult Learning Classes in Greenwich

Posted 20/03/2024

Over the summer months, Unity Works are running Adult Community Learning courses for people with a learning disability living in Greenwich.

Unity Works supports people with a learning disability to gain skills, achieve qualifications and secure jobs, so they can reach their full potential.

We run free adult learning courses in Greenwich for people with a learning disability wanting to develop self-confidence, to learn new skills and to improve their understanding of their local community. Our programmes also have a focus on how to access services, facilities and opportunities, so that people can make positive decisions about their lives.

Details for our Summer programme can be found below.

From April 2024:

  • Computer Basics – Reducing digital isolation, making the use of IT and technology more accessible.  This course will also look to improve basic skills and increasing independent use of technology.
  • Lets Talk Searching and Working – Developing and sustaining good mental health including managing emotions and mindfulness tips when looking for work.
  • My Career/Employability Workshops – Developing transferable skills, being more assertive, looking at part time work and  improving confidence in interview skills.
  • Staying Well – Understanding and learning about factors which can improve mental and physical health and what has a negative or positive impact you’re your body.
  • Confidence in the Community – Developing skills to feel safe and confident in the local community. How to understand the London transport system. Learn how to plan and prepare for travel and what to do if you get lost.
For more information contact Marie Bune at