The Camden Society (London): coronavirus updates

Posted 07/09/2020

Information correct as of 7 September 2020.

The Camden Society (London) continues to act on the advice from bodies such as Public Health England (PHE), HM Government, the NHS, the Care Quality Commission and the World Health Organisation.

The latest guidance means that The Camden Society (London) has made the following decisions:

  • We are putting plans in place to reopen Day Opportunities in Camden (Choices) and Southwark (The Riverside) with blended support (a mix of virtual, phone call, community support sessions and welfare checks).
  • Hotel in the Park has been open throughout the pandemic. We are putting plans in place to increase capacity to support in conjunction with regular monitoring of the national COVID threat response.
  • Camden Community Support has offered full support throughout the pandemic.
  • Supported living has been running as normal.

If you need more information about these changes, please call 0300 002 2020 or contact us online

Please visit our information pages to find out about coronavirus (COVID-19).