The Quality Company launches online quality checks

Posted 19/03/2021

The Quality Company have been busy getting ready to check the quality of people’s support in a new way.

Here at The Quality Company, we have been busy adapting to a virtual world where we check the quality of people’s support in a new way.

In the last year we have reviewed our Quality Standards and Indicators; these are the things we measure when we are Quality Checking.

Our Quality Standards are:

  1. Leading your own life
  2. Health and Wellbeing
  3. Designing your support
  4. Having a say
  5. Your community
  6. Your home
  7. Being safe
  8. Controlling your Thera Company

Having a Quality Check is a great way for people to have their say about the support they receive and to talk to someone independent from the company supporting them.

It is also a great way of showing that people are at the centre of their support and highlights where a change needs to be made and how this has been achieved.

This year we have been running a project; carrying out online Quality Checks using Zoom. This has gone well.

I have enjoyed being part of the Zoom meetings with Tyler and Adele very much and I now use Zoom a lot for contacting my friends and family.

From April, people who have support at home will be offered a programme of Quality Checks.

This is a great opportunity for people to connect more regularly with their Quality Assessor and talk about their support.

We will be working closely with people and their support teams in the coming months and are looking forward to seeing people!

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