The Quality Company Staff Return From Furlough!

Posted 15/01/2021

Sara Danby, Lead Director of the Quality Company, tells us about their 'Return to Work' Zoom sessions to welcome back their staff.

The Quality Company works as an independent peer led quality checking service. We meet with people to talk about the support they receive. Then we report to providers from the perspective of the person supported.

Covid-19 has hugely affected our work! We were no longer able to go out and meet with people and quality check their support in person. Our Quality Assessors and Supporters were thus furloughed in June 2020 until now.

In November we were able to purchase new equipment! This has meant that our staff are now able to carry out some of their work from home.

January 2021 has seen our staff return for their ‘Return to Work’ training! This is a package of 4 sessions, giving staff the opportunity to refresh their knowledge and equip themselves with the skills to be able to return as Quality Assessors and Supporters in this new way of working.The Quality Company


Our first sessions took place in the second week of January. Staff were excited and a bit nervous about returning and taking on a new challenge!

Staff have been overwhelming pleased to have their work purpose back and to be able to see each other – even if it was virtually!

I am really proud of everyone’s enthusiasm and bravery in tackling a new challenging. We also thank those who have enabled The Quality Company staff to get back to work!

I look forward to sharing with you the new ways we will be Quality Checking soon!

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