The Quality Company welcomes new Quality Coordinator Julie

Posted 16/11/2021

Meet Julie, the new Quality Coordinator with the Quality Company! Julie is a great addition to the team, and we all look forward to working with her

Hello, my name is Julie, I joined The Quality Company as a Quality Co-ordinator for the North and Scotland in August this year. I have worked in the care sector for many years. Most of my expertise and experience are in mental health. I have also enjoyed working with people with lived experience of a learning disability, and autism. Before joining The Quality Company, I worked as a Quality and Compliance Reviewer.

I am really enjoying my new role and have met some great people. My Quality Assessor colleagues are a pleasure to work with. With their help, I am learning new skills and becoming more confident every day. Help from others is always at hand when I get stuck. Everyone is very kind, supportive and patient when I make mistakes or do not understand. I enjoy attending the weekly coffee and catch-up on Friday mornings where I have been made very welcome.

It is great to have the opportunity to be part of an organisation that enables people to design their own support and gives them greater control. This vision is extremely important to me and was the main reason that I applied for my current post.
I feel passionate about The Quality Company’s values. They focus on individual’s choices, wishes and needs by using peer-led quality checking of person-centred support. This process can give a valuable insight into the quality of people’s support from different viewpoints.

Quality Assessors bring their own lived experiences to the quality checking process. Their valuable work is a fundamental part of ensuring that the people we support receive the person-centred support they need. Having someone to talk with who knows what good support should look like is reassuring and inspiring. It can help individuals to boost their confidence to try new things, be more independent, and lead fulfilling, meaningful lives.

I am proud to be involved with The Quality Company. I am dedicated to supporting people to realise their goals, hopes and dreams. And I want to support them to have a voice about their support and be at the centre of all we do.

During a recent training session, I heard the following, which I think says it all.

“Nothing about Us without Us”
Julie E. Karp
Quality Co-ordinator