The third annual Camdenwealth games

Posted 22/08/2019

Gail, Operational Manager for Oxfordshire, tells us more about the third annual Camdenwealth games, which took place in Witney.

The third Camdenwealth games took place on Tuesday 23 July at Burwell Hall in Witney. On a swelteringly hot day slightly fewer people turned out this year to represent the Oxford Blues, Green Goblins (Banbury) and Yellow Perils (Witney).

Around 25 people we support enjoyed a full range of games and lunch beginning with “Welly Wonging”. It got off to a slightly bad start when an errant welly hit Paul (TS) on the head after flying off sideways! As usual Dennis from Witney wonged his welly further than anyone else taking the trophy for the Yellow Perils once again.

“Splash” involves moving water from one bucket to another, using small cups, as quickly as possible. It is a team relay event where everyone competes against each other at the same time in perfect chaos! Some water often finds its way over people rather than in buckets. This event, and trophy, went to Oxford.

“Egg Scramble” followed (team relay event) transporting precious eggs on little spoons around an obstacle course, against the clock. The fastest team (with least broken eggs) wins. This went to Green Goblins in Banbury.

All teams were on equal points at half way stage. Plenty of food and drink followed and cooling off under the air con unit.
After lunch it was time for “Swing Ball” which is another team relay, against the clock. A string of water bottles have to be knocked over using a tennis ball in a pair of tights (not as easy as it sounds). Some enthusiastic target practice caused at least one bottle to split in protest but eventually this trophy was won by Oxford Blues.

Then follows the blue ribbon event of “Butlers Challenge”. A tray of champagne is delivered to the lady of the manor waiting for her tipple but often with disastrous consequences! This is a case of moving a great deal of bubbly from one ‘vat’ to the lady of the manor and is supposed to be team event but ends up with everyone taking turns to practice their delivery skills. Many accept the challenge with grace and respect for the ‘lady’ but some clearly have no respect at all for the etiquette of being a butler! In the end it was decided that Witney had the best (or worst) application of this particular challenge.

Finally the William Tell trophy, involving the best combined team score for bean bags hitting the target, resulted in Banbury taking this title.
After a day of action and organised chaos Banbury and Witney were tied on points with Oxford just two behind. Just like last year, it came down the cake parade to decide where the Camden cup went in 2019.

Witney presented several magnificent choices and Banbury flopped disastrously with none so Witney rightly took the cake plate and the Camden Cup (which Oxford seem to have lost) for 2019. A glass jug substituting for the cup until it is found (thank you Caroline).

A perfect and great day out for all.

Big thanks this year to Banbury and Oxford managers for arranging the food and to everyone for making once again a memorable day for all.

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