Thera East Anglia: coronavirus updates

Information correct as of 23 March 2020.

Thera East Anglia continues to act on the advice from bodies such as Public Health England (PHE), HM Government, the NHS, the Care Quality Commission and the World Health Organisation.

The latest guidance means that Thera East Anglia has made the following decisions:

  • The Meeting Place (Peterborough) and Club 82 (Whittlesey) have been temporarily closed. We are currently working with people and families to look at how we can help them differently during this period of time.

We are currently working with people we support, families and local authorities to ensure other support we provide continues to maintain people’s safety and that essential needs are being met.

If you need more information about these changes, please contact us.

Please visit our information pages to find out about coronavirus (COVID-19).