Thera East Midlands Pen Pals!

Posted 22/12/2020

Staff in Thera East Midlands have supported two gentlemen to become pen pals!

It first started when lockdown came into place in March this year. Some team members suggested that Paul and Derek, who live locally to each other, could start exchanging letters. Both were keen to participate and so staff members supported them to start. As a result, both gentlemen have had something different to focus on and look forward to during this unusual year!

Staff spent one on one time with Paul and Derek asking them what they would like to talk about. Both gentlemen were supported to write their letters, and even draw a picture to go alongside.

The two gentlemen were so happy to receive their letters and pictures and spent lots of time showing them off to staff. Sometimes, they also exchanged little sweet treats too!

Paul and Derek have not met each other in person yet, but they are becoming good friends. They even like to wave at each other from a safe distance when posting letters! They are also planning on getting together and having an afternoon tea party when it is safe to do so.

They are both enjoying this new friendship and it has given both of them something to look forward to in a time where we are not able to see as many people as usual. All of their letters and pictures have been put in a file and they will spend lots of time looking back through these!

Both staff teams have been really supportive and have ensured that the gentlemen are fully supported to keep this pen pal connection going.

We can’t wait until Paul and Derek are able to meet up in person!

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