Thera North launches Thera500!

Posted 18/05/2020

Thera North's management team are collectively walking 500 miles in 2 weeks to raise money for the “Thera North Thank You Fund”.

Thera North management team would like to say thank you for the incredible work and sacrifice that people across Thera North have endured during COVID19! They thought the best way to cheer them up is to see their managers being put through their paces!

Thera North’s management team will be collectively walking 500 miles to raise money to say thank you to all in Thera North! The management team includes the Managing Director, the Service Quality Director and many more!

Craig Sutherland, Managing Director of Thera North has expressed his reasons for taking part in Thera 500:

I have been blown away by the dedication and commitment of our teams, we all wanted to do something to say thank you, and walking a long way felt like something that we can all do whilst still socially distancing. Launching the Thera North Thank You Fund now is really important to us so we can show our appreciation for our incredible staff teams and people we support for everything they have done during the COVID 19 pandemic. 

To keep up to date with their progress,  visit their fundraising event page.

To support Thera 500, visit: to donate.