Thera (Scotland) gets moving!

Posted 29/05/2020

Thera (Scotland) is collectively walking the Scottish coastline to raise money for COVID-19 and beyond!

All of Thera (Scotland) have been amazing during this time of challenge, both staff and the people they support.

Suzanne Abbate, Managing Director of Thera (Scotland) would like to say on behalf of Thera (Scotland) to all staff and the people they support:

Thank you for all of your support, it means the world to us.

They have all overcome many challenges over the past few months and are now ready to be put through their paces in a fun challenge! They wanted to do something to bring them all together during a time that people need to stay apart. So, they decided to get moving!

Thera (Scotland) are going to walk, run or stroll collectively and virtually around the 7330 miles of Scottish coastline.

The funds of this challenge will go towards supporting people in Thera (Scotland) during COVID-19 and beyond! They will also contribute to a celebration where they can enjoy being reunited when restrictions allow.

You can donate on our fundraising page, and follow our progress on our Facebook page.