Thera (Scotland) hears you!

Posted 20/12/2023

Thera (Scotland) ran a successful Being Heard event on Thursday 7 December at St Johns and Newton Church.

The event brought the people Thera (Scotland) supports together with support workers and the senior leadership of the organisation to discuss what is going well and what needs to be improved in their support. They also used the event as an opportunity to discuss ideas going forward that will help to improve the experiences of their staff, and the people they support.

Jordan Allan, Service Quality Director, and Suzanne Langford-Commins, Managing Director

These Being Heard events are a key part of Thera’s vision in that they allow the people that we support a direct line to the senior leadership of the organisation.

They also give staff an opportunity to speak face to face (or anonymously) with the Managing Director and Service Quality Director through the use of idea boards and post-it-notes. This creates a safe and welcoming space where people are able to speak openly.

Elizabeth Callaghan, Project Manager for The Quality Company, and Jordan Allan, discuss how they are working together to ensure peoples support is up to standard

Thera (Scotland) invited Elizabeth Callaghan, Project Manager with the The Quality Company, along to meet people and explain better how The Quality Company can help to monitor their support and ensure they are living the lives that they choose. Jordan explains:

I would say it’s about finding out what the people we support want and what their dreams/aspirations for the future are.

Jordan added:

I thought the Being Heard event was fantastic. People we support and staff really enjoyed themselves and we even had singers and dancers. The feedback from staff was really positive and it’s something we are going to try to do at least twice a year.

I would like to thank all staff and people we support for their hard work with the event and I hope everyone has a great Christmas!

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