Thera South West continues the Smiles, Hearts and Pride Olympics!

Posted 06/05/2020

Announcing our May winners and continuing the fun!

After our Easter launch, May continued to be a fantastic month of photos for the Smiles, Hearts and Pride Olympics! We received photos of an amazing 69 different activities! We are extremely proud to celebrate the wonderful things everyone is doing with their time!

As previously announced, from May 2020 going forward, we are now awarding 1st, 2nd and 3rd places to those who have sent us photos of the most number of individual activities. However, those who send us over a certain number of photos also get an acknowledgment! Here are our winners for May:

  • 1st place awarded to Peggy-Ann for 9 stars
  • 2nd place awarded to Chris C. for 8 stars
  • 3rd place awarded to Margaret for 7 stars

We also had a number people who reached the Bronze award by sending us at least 5 photos (equaling 5 stars) this month. They were:

Peggy-Ann, Chris C., Margaret, Chris M. and Warren

Congratulations everyone!

Please continue to send your photos to

The deadline for the next round of photos is Wednesday 10 June!

If you are just joining us, this is what you need to know about the Thera South West Smiles, Hearts and Pride Olympics:

What is the Smiles, Hearts and Pride Olympics?

The Smiles, Hearts and Pride Olympics is a celebration of the wonderful achievements and creative things people we support are doing whilst staying safe at home. You can collect stars and win prizes!

How can I participate?

All you have to do is send us photos and a short description of the fun activities that you are doing either by yourself or with your housemates. No activity is too boring, so do not underestimate anything that you are doing! We would love to hear from everyone!

How will it work?

By sending us your photos, you can collect stars and win prizes every month. Each individual activity will be worth one star.

How long will it go on for?

We will continue the Smiles, Hearts and Pride Olympics indefinitely! So start making a list of all the amazing things you are going to do once you no longer have to stay at home.

The awards!

From May onwards, we will have three awards: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

You will receive one star for a photo of any one activity you send in. When you reach a certain number of stars, you will receive an award with a certificate, a small token and a special feature on the Thera South West Facebook page. To reach the awards you will need the following number of stars:

Bronze – 5 stars

Silver – 10 stars

Gold – 15 stars

Your stars will be added up every month and those who have the three highest number of stars will receive prizes. Until the end of the lockdown, prizes will be Amazon gift cards in the following values:

3rd prize – £10

2nd prize – £15

1st prize – £25

Click here to find out more information. (651kB)