Thera Trust awarded funding for RESTORE2 Mini and STOMP Training.

Posted 27/05/2022

Thera Trust has been awarded funding to roll out a project raising awareness of the STOMP pledge and to champion the RESTORE2 Mini project.

RESTORE2TM Mini has been developed to give Support Workers and people’s wider circle of support the confidence that soft signs of illnesses are valid signs of a person’s health deteriorating and becoming unwell. Soft signs of illness are the small changes in a persons behaviour that people close to them would notice, such as eating differently, or being less interested in things the person normally likes.

STOMP (Stopping Over Medication of People with a learning disability, autism, or both) is a national initiative to stop the overuse of psychotropic medicines. People with a learning disability, autism, or both are more likely to be given these medicines than other people. STOMP is about helping people to stay well and have a good quality of life.

This exciting project includes the training of 50 Super Trainers. Some of these Super Trainers will be people with a learning disability, using their own lived experience to advocate for people and to challenge the use of psychotropic medication.

Following the training, the Super Trainers can deliver awareness sessions to other groups in their local communities including Staff, relatives of people with a learning disability, carers and more.

Thera believes the RESTORE2TM Mini and STOMP project will help improve health outcomes for people with a learning disability, enabling their support staff and circles of support to recognise soft signs of illness, enable staff and circles of support to, and ultimately help people to access the right healthcare at the right time.

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