There’s always room for Gig Buddies at Room 2!

Posted 13/06/2024

Here at Gig Buddies, we’re incredibly lucky to work with all sorts of wonderful arts partners. From promoters and bands, to small venues and big festivals, our arts partners make so much of what we do possible.

Our arts partners’ generosity makes many of our more exciting group socials possible. Offers of tickets enable us to introduce our members not just to new music, but to friendly new places in their local communities. We hope that by introducing people to new places and experiences in a group setting, we can help them build up the confidence to go back to those places independently.

An independent venue that we’ve built a successful relationship with lately is Room 2 in Glasgow. Room 2 is a small, accessible venue in Glasgow city centre that hosts a wide variety of live music and club events. Gig Buddies with Thera Trust became friends with Room 2 in 2023 and we’ve seen some really great nights out there as a group over the last 18 months.

We’ve really enjoyed getting out to Room 2 and speaking to David, the venue’s manager, it seems the feeling is mutual:

David Blair from Room 2 said:

Helping and working with Gig Buddies in Room 2 has been a hugely positive experience for everyone involved. We love welcoming all music lovers and it’s great being in a position where we can welcome even more through Gig Buddies. We are 100% supportive of them as an organisation, their mission and aims. We have met some lovely people who they have accompanied to our gigs, who have thoroughly enjoyed themselves watching amazing live music in our venue. Keep up the great work Gig Buddies!

Michelle, a Gig Buddies member, has had a great time getting to know the venue recently. She first encountered the venue when Gig Buddies went as a group to see Too Red, Cameron Ferguson, The Castros, and Harley Walsh.

“I’d never been before, but I thought ‘why not?’ I like to try new things” – Michelle, member.

She must have enjoyed it, because she was back just 2 weeks later to see ‘Killer Instinct,’ a Killers Tribute act. This gig wasn’t a facilitated Gig Buddies event, but the venue and band did offer tickets to Gig Buddies members and volunteers. The band even gave Gig buddies a shout out!

“I really enjoyed myself. One of the staff members recognised me from the last gig and got me a poster!” – Michelle

Now Michelle and her buddy have made plans to go back yet again later in the year for ‘Bruce Juice,’ a Bruce Springsteen tribute night. “Hopefully my pal’s on the door and I get another poster to add to my collection!” – Michelle

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