Tom shares his experience of Autism in the workplace

Posted 30/03/2021

For World Autism Awareness week we asked Tom some questions about his role as Quality Assessor for The Quality Company and to hear what he has to say about understanding Autism in the workplace.

What is your job role in The Quality Company?

Quality Assessor

How long have you worked for The Quality Company?

I have worked for The Quality Company since 2013

Did you have a job before working for The Quality Company? If so, what did you do?

Yes, I have had a few jobs before joining The Quality Company. In my previous jobs I have done some filming, admin and worked in a retail store called Woolworths. I also have a show on Siren Radio which due to the current pandemic I record my show and send to my manager. I’m looking forward to getting back into live radio. My dream job is to be a radio presenter. I would potentially like to look into doing a radio session for The Quality Company.

How did you find the application and interview process for your role?

I found the overall process pretty well. I’ve always been quite lucky with my interviews where I have sailed through. This has given me a big confidence boost.

How do you find working for The Quality Company?

I really enjoy working for The Quality Company. Mainly going out visiting the people to quality check their support.

What are the challenges/barriers in your role? How does The Quality Company help?

Due to the current pandemic I’ve had to use Zoom for meetings. I find this quite difficult when there are technical problems. Luckily, I have Sara Danby, Lead Director for The Quality Company, who I can call. Sara is able to fix the issue and sends me the invitations for Zoom. I ended up getting a diary to keep organised with all of the Zoom meetings. I have found this to be very useful. It helps that The Quality Company provide me with the information I need to be able to attend the meetings. I find it easier to work with people who I feel I can get on with. I like working with people who are similar minded people and have similar working habits to me.

What do you like about your role?

I enjoy working for The Quality Company, I wouldn’t change the job I do. Having lived experience I can have that perspective for the people we support. Knowing I am able to help people as much as I can is what makes my role so enjoyable.

What would you want organisations to do to help/understand when interviewing someone who has Autism?

It can take someone with Autism longer to achieve something, therefore it helps when people understand Autism. Everyone should give people a chance. I like to have things written down so I think when giving an interview they should write things down. Such as information about the role and any information they want to know when interviewing etc.

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