Unity Works: coronavirus updates

Information correct as of 06/01/2021

Unity Works Social Enterprises continues to act on the advice from bodies such as Public Health England (PHE), HM Government, the NHS, the Care Quality Commission and the World Health Organisation.

The latest guidance means that Unity Works has made the following decisions:

Social Enterprises

Mill Lane Garden Centre is temporarily closed whilst we review new government restrictions. An online training provision is in place for trainees.

MailOut  is open and busy fulfilling orders for customers in a COVID-19 secure environment. An online training provision is in place for trainees.

Jacksons Café is temporarily closed. An online training provision is in place for trainees.

Café Victoria is temporarily closed for Westminster City Hall staff. An online training provision is in place for trainees.

All other social enterprises cafes are closed until further notice. 

We continue to run a comprehensive remote programme of learning to all those training across our social enterprises including allergen awareness training, barista skills, Culinary skills (including cooking classes), Customer Service training, Health & Safety, Warehouse Administration. For more information about this programme, contact Milly Wheeler at milly.wheeler@unityworks.org.uk

Employment Support 

We continue to provide online support to people across our programmes. This includes Interview prep, CV workshops, Employability workshops, Benefits advice, Meditation and Mental Health workshops, Accessible resources for retaining skills.

All employer engagement work is taking place remotely. We are continuing to provide disability awareness training and advice via video conference/over the phone.

Health and Wellbeing

All our programmes of support are currently taking place online.

More broadly, we are working with people we support who are most vulnerable to access the type of support they require over this difficult period.

If you need more information about these changes, please contact us.

Please visit our information pages to find out about coronavirus (COVID-19).