Unity Works, Work Train Greenwich client Sam shares the benefits of volunteering to gain new skills and build on his career aspirations.

Posted 24/05/2022

Sam is supported by Unity Works, Work Train Greenwich and is a Digital Communications Volunteer with our partner Volunteer Centre Greenwich. In this guest blog post, Sam shares the benefits of volunteering and learning new skills.

What is good about the support you get from Unity Works?

They understand my needs and try their best to suggest things that are based around what I want. Unity Works really cares about equal opportunities.

Why did you decide to do volunteering?

Because I wanted to be more active and learn new things.


How have you been supported by Work Train Greenwich and by Volunteer Centre Greenwich?

I mainly use Unity Works for job searches. They [Volunteer Centre Greenwich] have been supporting me to learn how to use Canva, Mailerlite, and Twitter. I am helping with digital communications, especially newsletters.


What are you finding interesting in the volunteering you are doing?

I am interested in the different ways that you can communicate to people.


Does doing volunteering help you towards your goal of getting a job?

I have got part-time jobs at the moment. I hope that the type of activities in the volunteer role that I have can become a more permanent job. I would recommend volunteering as it would provide people with good experiences that can prepare them for paid jobs.

Are you based in Greenwich and are looking for work?

 Contact our Employment Advisors for more information on how we can support you:

Curtis.McKenzie@unityworks.org.uk or Jessica.Shirley@unityworks.org.uk
and for more on Volunteer Centre Greenwich please contact