Unity Works Learner Mofe Shares the Benefits of Attending Unity Works Adult Community Learning Classes

Posted 15/03/2022

Mofe, who is supported by Unity Works, Work Train Greenwich, shares in this blog post the benefits of attending Unity Works Adult Community Learning classes and how he is supported to find work.

My name is Mofe and at Unity Works I do job searching with my employment advisor and I take part in events and opportunities, for example the Unity Works and WEST event, which was about shedding a light on employing people with disabilities and helping with any worries or myths employers may have. I have been doing ACL (Adult Community Learning) courses.

I have finished a course called ‘Digital World: Skills for Employment’ about computers:  computer safety, how to avoid being hacked or having your identity stolen, how to make videos and animations and I am doing ‘Am I Ready for Work’ and a well-being course: ‘Staying Well: Heart and Bodies.’


Why did you decide to do Adult Community Learning courses with Unity Works?


I decided to do these courses so that I could learn new skills that could help me get jobs. The other reason why is to learn how to stay safe on the internet and how to keep healthy.


What did you learn on the last course you attended?


I learnt that there are many ways that people can spam you or try and hack into your account, such as them pretending to be your friend online and sending you links/emails that are spam emails.

I also learnt that when making an application, like twitter or YouTube, different colours mean different things, for example red on fast food stores increases your appetite so that’s why McDonalds uses it, to make you feel hungry. We watched a video about the things we should do when trying to make a YouTube video successful, by aiming for a specific audience. It made me very interested in learning to make my own YouTube videos.


Why is it good to learn new skills?


It is good to learn new skills because they help you to get jobs and opportunities. It helps with doing the jobs too, because if you have certain skills it will make the jobs easier and more enjoyable because you will be better at it.


What did you find interesting on the last course you did with Unity Works Adult Community Learning?


The part where we started to find out about how to make YouTube videos and make your own apps. We talked about making an app which rivals YouTube without watching ads before the video, and where you can you still hear the music when the app is open in the background without a subscription. I found it interesting because I would really like a job in media, maybe making videos, animations or doing some camera work.

What is good about the support you get from Unity Works?


The good thing about the support we get in Unity Works is the fact that they are really helpful and if you need help travelling to a place they are willing to do that which is really cool because not many other organisations do that. It’s helpful to me because sometimes I can struggle with getting to places the first time I go there and also getting used to new situations and getting involved the first few days.

The support from Unity Works makes me more confident and able to get involved when I start a new job, like my first paid job last year. I find Unity Works is really helpful when looking for jobs and making applications because they help you read through the questions and understand what the questions are asking.


Would you recommend that people sign up to Adult Community Learning courses with Unity Works and why?


I would recommend it because if you need help getting a job then Unity Works can help you find out what kind of jobs you want and stride forwards. They can help you look for jobs and fill out the CV and application form as well as help you at interviews.


I would say you should do a course with Unity Works because they are very informative, and they give you many essential skills that you will need to be more confident and employable.

For more information on Work Train Greenwich Employment service or ACL courses in Greenwich please contact jesamine.murray@unityworks.org.uk  
For more information on ACL courses in Camden and Lambeth please contact andrew.parkinson@unityworks.org.uk