Welcome to our new Managing Director!

Posted 29/01/2020

Jane Feierabend joins Thera South West as Managing Director, following extensive leadership experience gained in a variety of roles and organisations.

Jane’s most recent role was Managing Director at The Practice Group (TPG). She led the delivery, development and overall performance of the Group’s central support functions and the operational divisions – including GP surgeries, community-based outpatient services and complex care in the home.

Before becoming Managing Director at TPG, Jane was TPG’s Operations Director where, alongside the day to day operational accountabilities, she worked to bring greater understanding and cooperation between the central support functions and colleagues delivering the services.

Jane has previously worked in both retail and healthcare sectors, starting out as a management trainee with Sainsbury’s, moving on and gaining experience in different areas. She has also held regional management and training roles with the Sears Group, Vision Express and Boots and a national role as Head of Operations at Oasis Dentalcare.

Jane’s diverse background will bring knowledge and insight to both Thera South West and the wider Thera Group.

Jane particularly believes that having the right people with the right skills, training and support in the right place coupled with local autonomy, partnership working and strong employee engagement is key to sustainable success and most importantly in delivering the best possible support to individuals and outcomes.

Ensuring those we support are at the heart of everything we do and the decisions we make and living the values of an organisation is very important to Jane and she is excited to learn more about how to make Thera’s Vision a reality.

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