Will appears on radio to promote his sportscast

Posted 27/02/2024

Will, a young man supported by Thera East Anglia, recently appeared on Peterborough Community Radio to discuss his work producing a weekly sportscast.

Will has always been passionate about sports and, seeing a way to help him develop his passions, his support staff contacted Thera’s Communications Team and asked for their support in helping Will to produce a weekly sportscast where he could give updates on the weeks sporting results and events.

Using his own equipment, Will has successfully filmed over thirty episodes so far, where he discusses Premier League Football, Rugby, Cricket, and Formula 1. The completed videos are then uploaded to Thera East Midlands social media and have become a celebrated staple on their pages.

Will with the ring light he uses to film the sportscast.

Recently, Will was invited on to Peterborough Community Radio to discuss his sportscast and his ambitions to move into paid work in the field.

“My senior support worker Emma knows Kev the radio host and she had reached out and asked him if it was a story he’d be interested in covering. They were very enthusiastic about speaking with me and I was made up about it.”

Following the interview, Peterborough Community Radio have agreed to upload his weekly sportscast to their online radio service PCR XTRA, and the interview with Will is going to be featured on BBC Radio on one of the host’s cover shows. Will was very happy with these results.

“I’ve been so excited all week and then it went really well. I was asked about how long I’ve been doing it for and the different sports that I cover. It was a great experience.”

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