Meet our staff

Emily Wheeler

Managing Director

Emily has recently started as the Managing Director for Thera East Anglia.

Emily has worked in adult social care for over sixteen years, with both private and public sector organisations. Her career began as a support worker and she has held various management posts before joining Thera East Anglia. Emily is extremely passionate about providing excellent, person-centred support and has experience of delivering Positive Behavioural Support, an area which she is committed to and passionate about.

Emily is very excited to be joining Thera East Anglia and is looking forward to the journey.

David Parker

Service Quality Director

David uses his own experience of having a learning disability to make sure Thera East Anglia provides people with quality care and support. He checks that people are being supported to design and manage their own support. He takes a lead on Being Heard that makes sure the people we support can have their voices heard. David's role was instrumental in helping Thera East Anglia achieve an Outstanding CQC rating in December 2019.

Keith Page

Executive Assistant

Keith supports David in his role as Service Quality Director. They travel across Thera East Anglia together, meeting the people we support and staff. Meeting people and seeing how we are supporting them to live independent lives is the best part of the job. Keith spent the first 35 years of his life supporting financial services, so what he does now is very different and very rewarding.

Sophie Davies

Personal Assistant

Sophie joined Thera in May 2015. She was new to the health and social care sector and has learned a lot since joining Thera East Anglia. She takes great pride in the work we do at Thera, the independence we help people to have and the lives we enable people to lead.

Justin Smith

Operational Manager

Justin has been an Operational Manager with Thera since October 2008. Justin works with teams to ensure that the support we provide is person-centred and a true reflection of Thera’s vision. Justin has been a PROACT SCIPr-UK® Instructor for over 12 years; as well as delivering this training, he helps teams to support people with complex needs. A typical day for Justin would be visiting people in their own homes and helping the people we support by giving ideas to their staff teams so that they can improve the great work they do.

Nick Pooley

Operational Manager

Nick has worked for Thera East Anglia since September 2015 and has over 15 years’ experience in adult social care. Nick’s role is to monitor and continuously seek to improve the quality of support his teams are providing, to ensure that the people he supports are living good lives and getting the same opportunities as everyone else.

Yvette Ferguson

Operational Manager

Yvette joined the team as an Operational Manager in April 2014 and has worked for Thera since September 2008. She has had the pleasure of supporting teams to ensure that we demonstrate our vision and values and provide individually designed, person centred support that meets people's needs. A typical day for Yvette would be visiting people in their own homes and inspiring new ideas within their staff teams so that the staff can improve the great work they do. Yvette says that she enjoys her work immensely.

Terri Dumont

Supported Employment Manager

Terri has been the Employment Support Manager for Thera East Anglia since 2014, first starting her career in social care when she was 19. She leads the employment projects - supporting adults we support to find meaningful employment weather that’s paid or unpaid. Terri first joined Thera because she resonated with the companies’ values and thinks having leaders with lived real experiences is priceless as it shapes the values and direction of the company. She loves the opportunities working for Thera has given her and relishes working within a talented and compassionate team!

Graham Jaffe

Operational Manager

Graham has been with Thera for 14 years, starting as a Support Worker in Cambridgeshire. During his time in the organisation he has held the roles of Senior Support Worker, Team Coordinator and Community Support Leader, before having the opportunity to become Operational Manager in 2022.

Graham is typically out visiting the people we support. He regularly meets our local leaders and support staff to ensure we are delivering excellent person-centred support which leads to people having control over their lives.

Graham is a PROACT-SCIPr-UK® instructor and Positive Behavioural Support coach and this role has allowed him to meet many amazing people.