Gender Pay Gap


Gender pay gap report for 2021 – 2022


This report sets out the gender pay gap statistics for companies who are part of the Thera Group (“Thera”) in relation to the reporting year of 2021-2022.


Thera consists of 16 employing companies that vary in size.  For the period 2021-2022, Thera had five companies with more than 250 employees.  These are:


  • Aspire Living
  • Thera East
  • Thera East Anglia
  • Thera East Midlands
  • Thera South West



Under the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017, Thera companies that meet the requirements are legally required to publish, on an annual basis, specified information relating to their gender pay gap.


The following information has been calculated in accordance with the Regulations and is legally compliant.


The gender pay gap

The gender pay gap is the difference between the average pay of men and women, expressed as a percentage. The gap is calculated across the entire workforce of a company.


The gender pay gap has many contributing factors which will differ from organisation to organisation, across sectors and across geographical locations.  It is crucial to our understanding of gender pay disparity to recognise that the gender pay gap is different to equal pay. Equal pay is where there is a discriminatory pay difference between men and women who carry out the same job, jobs rated as equivalent or work of equal value. The existence of a gender pay gap does not automatically give rise to any discrimination or equal pay matters.


Organisational context

Thera provides support to people with a learning disability.  This is either by person-centred direct care and support in line with Thera’s Vision; or, through specialist companies that provide specific services, for example, financial advocacy, specialist housing, employment and training, ensuring that people are receiving good support that meets their needs or developing circles of support within the local community.



Gender pay gap


Mean gender pay gap

Based on the mean (average) hourly rate of pay for male and female employees in the relevant pay period, the mean gender pay gap (rounded to one decimal place) is:


 Company Mean
Aspire Living 0.42
Thera East Midlands -6.7
Thera East Anglia 3.4
Thera East 2.4
Thera South West 0.78


Median gender pay gap

Based on the median (middle) hourly rate of pay for male and female employees in the relevant pay period, the median gender pay gap (rounded to one decimal place) is:


 Company Median
Aspire Living 0
Thera East Midlands 0
Thera East Anglia 0
Thera East 0
Thera South West 0


Gender bonus gap

No bonuses were paid to either males or females.


Salary pay quartiles

The following table separates the entire workforce for each company into four equal quartiles based on the salaries that are paid to these employees. These quartiles are then further broken down into the number and proportion, expressed as a percentage, of male and female employees in each quartile.


 Company Gender Lower % Lower middle % Upper Middle % Upper %
Aspire Female 80 74 71 81
Male 20 26 29 19
Thera East Midlands Female 65 72 76 84
Male 35 28 24 16
Thera East Anglia Female 85 72 81 42
Male 15 28 19 58
Thera East Female 80 79 73 78
Male 20 21 27 22
Thera South West Female 80 70 71 71
Male 20 30 29 29


Confirmatory statement

I confirm that the information set out in this gender pay gap report is accurate and calculated in accordance with the Regulations.


Signed: Beverley Borkowski


Name: Beverley Borkowski


Job title: Head of People Services


Date of statement: 4 April 2022




Please direct any queries relating to this gender pay gap report to Beverley Borkowski by contacting them on


Gender Pay Gap Report 2021-22 (41kB)