Andrew Bright receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Posted 28/04/2023

Andrew Bright, former Service Quality Director for Thera North, and current Group Lead Director of Quality and Involvement received a lifetime achievement award from Thera North.

Thera North recently surprised Andrew Bright with a lifetime achievement award at their 2023 staff awards in Bolton; in recognition of the exceptional contributions he has made over his time at Thera North as Service Quality Director. Andrew has recently become the Group Lead Director of Quality and Involvement for the Thera Group.

Andrew has led projects including STOMP, which campaigns to reduce the overmedication of people with a learning disability and RESTORE2, which helps people recognise soft signs of illness, and communicate these to healthcare workers.

Laura Booton, Personal Assistant to Thera North’s Managing Director, explains the impact that Andrew has had at Thera North:

Andrew has been an incredible Service Quality Director for Thera North. He has brilliant relationships with the people we support and would often phone them to check how they were doing. He was an integral part of the management team, and we wish him well in his new role!

Andrew, Brian, and Craig enjoying the Thera North staff awards

Andrew worked alongside Katie Winn as the co-head of Development for Thera Group, providing expertise across the organisation. Katie discusses how Andrew has helped to shape Thera North:

“Andrew has always been the constant for Thera North. He was the face everyone knew and developed lovely relationships with this, both internally, and externally. Within the wider Thera group, Andrew became the voice people wanted to listen to.”

As well as leading multiple projects and spearheading important programmes including RESTORE2 and Dolphins’ Den, Andrew has supported colleagues through their own career. Katie continues:

“He is the nicest person. He always checked in with me and recognised when I was finding things tough. In these moments he would always support me. I have a huge amount of respect for Andrew, and could not be prouder of his achievements.”

Andrew’s impact and the importance of his success extends far further than Thera and can be shown as an example to educate people and fight the stigmas associated with having a learning disability. Katie impresses this fact:

I spoke with Andrew about his early life, where he was told continuously that he would never achieve. He has proven that person wrong.  Even more impressive is how he has helped so many other people do the same.

Thera North would like to thank Andrew for the many positive differences he has made and congratulate him on an amazing career so far. We can’t wait to see where he takes his new role.