Meet Your Service Quality Director

Service Quality Directors perform a vital role at Thera to ensure that the people we support receive the highest quality of care

What does a Service Quality Director do?

A Service Quality Director is also known as an SQD. They are responsible for making sure the quality in their Thera company is to a good standard. As people with a learning disability, the SQD’s provide a unique view of the support provided by Thera. They use their lived experience to make sure people supported by Thera get the support they want. SQD’s also ensure that Thera’s Vision is upheld in each of the Thera group of companies.

How can my Service Quality Director help me?

SQDs know how to tell if you are being taken care of, and to support you to have a say in how Thera is supporting you. They can help you to achieve your goals, as well as live the life you want to live.
Your Service Quality Director will introduce themselves to you when we start supporting you. They will tell you the best way to contact them if you have any concerns.

Each SQD works alongside the Managing Director to create plans for how the company should run. They also are involved in ensuring people are heard through their reports, as well as the Company Membership Scheme.

Who is my Service Quality Director?

Find out who is the SQD in your area from the list below:


The Camden Society - Oliver believes passionately that people with a learning disability have the right to be heard. He uses his role as SQD for the Camden Society to help people we support to have choices, and to do what they want to do. He works closely with the managing director to provide quality care and support.


Thera East Anglia - David ensures that people supported in Thera East Anglia are heard and encouraged to make choices about the support they receive. He works closely with staff and the people we support in the East Anglia region to ensure that they are receiving the best quality support.


Thera (Scotland) - Jordan has a long history working in the charity sector and has specific experience in ensuring the quality of support people are receiving. Having joined Thera (Scotland) in 2020, Jordan has made a significant impact on the lives of people we support.


Thera East Midlands - In her role as SQD for Thera East Midlands, Helena works closely with the board to ensure that Thera’s vision is achieved at all levels. She uses her experience in advocacy in her role, which helps her to give a voice to the people supported by Thera.


Aspire Living - As SQD for Aspire Living, Ian works to ensure that people Thera supports can achieve their potential and have say in the support they receive. He works closely with the managing director of Aspire to make sure that the people supported by Thera are heard.


Thera East - With over a decade as an SQD, Graham has a wealth of experience that he uses to help the people supported by Thera East. He works with the board to ensure that the people supported in his area receive the highest standard of support possible.