Connecting people during COVID-19 and beyond!

Posted 30/11/2020

We set up a newsletter called Thera Connex during COVID-19 to share ideas and to keep connected.

Thera supports adults with a learning disability, some of whom are at higher risk of contracting COVID-19. We set up Thera Connex to keep people connected during COVID-19 and beyond.

It started out as a weekly newsletter for the people we support to share activities to keep them active whilst staying at home. It was also introduced to keep people up to date with the current guidance around COVID-19, as some of the people we support can struggle to access technology. The first newsletter was released in April this year.

Since starting the newsletter, we have released 16 editions with the help of everyone continuing to share ideas and activities. Thera Connex covered COVID-19 updates, activities and competitions, VE celebrations and much more!

Here are a few examples of some of the amazing activities and resources that have been created through Thera Connex:

  1. Easy read resources

    To help people access social media and video chat technology, we created easy read guides so the people we support could keep in touch with family and friends when they couldn’t meet up with them. These include Facebook, WhatsApp, FaceTime, Zoom and Skype.
    Read our easy read guides

  2. Resources for wellbeing

    Our mental health is just as important as physical health and it’s important to look after it. When we can’t go out for a long time, we can sometimes get restless and anxious. That is why we created a mental health hub, with a range of resources to help people look after their wellbeing and the wellbeing of people around them.
    Visit our Mental Health Hub

  3. Improving your wellbeing

    Exercise and staying fit are another way to enhance your wellbeing. Thera Connex found useful activities that kept people active during the pandemic. One good way is to join in with a workout you can see online or perhaps you can learn a dance to your favourite song or even sing along.

    Bridie, Executive Assistant in Thera East created a sit down exercise video for people to do whilst at home.

  4. #SocialCareHeroes

    COVID-19 has presented challenges for us all however, it has highlighted our pride of our #SocialCareHeroes! Thera Connex brought together families who wanted to share how proud they were of their family members being #SocialCareHeroes. We received lots of photos of proud family members and created a slideshow to celebrate our #SocialCareHeroes!

The current situation has awoken Thera to find new ways to connect with the people Thera supports and the staff who support them. Thera Connex is the way that we can connect with people who maybe are in a situation where they cannot go out into the wider world. Thera Connex has been enabling things to be person centred and fun too; bringing the outside into the inside.”
Andrew, Head of Development and Service Quality Director in Thera North.

This extra support provided by Thera is entirely voluntary funded, which means it runs on support from people such as yourself. When you donate to Thera, you are supporting people with a learning disability to enjoy family, career, hobbies, and their home – just like everyone else.