Festive meal prepared by Club 82

Posted 23/12/2019

The cooking group at Club 82, part of Thera East Anglia, prepared a stunning Christmas meal for their family and friends on Friday 13 December.

The Salvation Army in Whittlesey kindly let Club 82 use their church as the venue and the group also invited Major John to dinner to say thank you.

Each person we support made a placeholder for the person they had invited, and chose where they would like them to sit on the table.

The group worked together to prepare the vegetables and accompaniments, before setting the tables and decorating the venue. The room was full of festive spirit, with decorated Christmas trees and Christmas songs playing!

Once everyone arrived and took their place at the table, Sam nominated herself to serve the drinks whilst everyone else got to know one another.

Although the food was slightly delayed due to timings, everyone tucked into a delicious meal, leaving their plates empty.

Parents and families were overwhelmed by the success of the day; one parent said it was the first time they had been invited to a meal cooked by their daughter. Paul’s brother and sister-in-law added: “It was delicious!”

When she first started getting involved in the cooking group, Charlotte hated the idea of touching food. We saw a total change of Charlotte’s character during the event and she actively got stuck in with making stuffing with the group.

Rebecca, Team Coordinator said: “Practice makes perfect, they did it and fully enjoyed the whole day. I am so proud of their achievements. They give 100% effort at everything they do and today it paid off. Well done Club 82 cooking group and watch this space for more events next year!”

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