Learning Disability Week 2024: Lee’s Story

Posted 19/06/2024

This Learning Disability Week is all about people with a learning disability being seen, heard and valued. Today, are celebrating Lee, one of the first people Thera supported, and his incredible achievements!

This week, 17 to 23 June, is Learning Disability Week and the theme this year is “Do you see me?”. The theme is all about people with a learning disability being heard, seen, and valued in our society.

Lee at his home in January 2024

Being heard, seen, and valued is difficult for the people we support. Lee, however, is not afraid to be seen and heard! Lee is one of the first people we supported at Thera, and is now supported by Thera East Anglia. He has a life full of unique experiences and lights up rooms with his personality.

Lee has a love of entertainment and being an entertainer. One of Lee’s crowning achievements was when he appeared as an extra on Eastenders, a role he got through a club he attends every Tuesday called Bedazzled. He loved the experience and even joked that he was hoping to go back to London one day and that his shaved head look made him look like a Mitchell.

But he did not stop at acting, the Bedazzled club also allowed him to record a pop CD. Lee has a love for music and signing, so he is proud of these achievements and will happily sing his favourite songs for those around him. His love of music also ties into his hobbies as well, which include enjoying trips to the pantomime or the cinema.

Lee is proud of his independence and achievements, and they don’t just stop at his love of entertaining. He has worked hard on numerous skills and keeps a lovely clean home as a result. He has also worked hard to be a kind and supportive friend to those around him. This is clearly seen when he talks so fondly of his roommates and his team that support him. This is what Lee said to one of his member of staff:


I’m always happy with you


Lee is an incredible person, who is driven and has made sure that he is always heard. From his work as a Quality Assessor to being involved in choosing his own staff, Lee has always pushed the boat out and decided his own value. He is friendly, charming, and humorous, and as the man himself said with a smile on his face:

I’m amazing me!


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