Quality Assessors

Quality Assessors inspect the standard of support people with a learning disability receive.

What do Quality Assessors do?

A Quality Assessor’s job is to check that people are living the lives they choose and are receiving the best quality support. They use the Quality Check process to form a detailed, peer led report from the view of the person who has support.

Quality Assessors are an important part of The Quality Company as they bring their lived experience of a learning disability, giving a unique view of the support that people receive.

The work of a Quality Assessor is supported by a Quality Supporter; a person who works with them to enable them to do their job.

There are many different tasks that a Quality Assessor will do as part of their job. These include:

  • Checking the quality of support people receive. This could be in person or using technology to meet with people online.
  • Observing and asking questions about people’s support.
  • Completing detailed reports about what they see, hear and feel during a Quality Check.
  • Talking to people about the important role of being a Quality Assessor.

Where do Quality Assessors work?

The Quality Assessor role involves meeting people in person and online, using technology to work from home. Each Quality Assessor will work within an area near their home. This may mean travelling by train, bus or car to carry out a Quality Check.

Currently, Quality Assessors are carrying out a mix of in-person and virtual Quality Checks to produce detailed reports about people’s support.

What training will I receive as a Quality Assessor?



How can I become a Quality Assessor?

If you are interested in becoming a Quality Assessor, you can search for current vacancies on our Career section. Or get in touch for an informal chat.

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