Wayne’s Amazing Challenge

Posted 17/03/2022

Every one of our support workers goes above and beyond for the people they support... but this is the extra mile!

There are many things that allow us to offer the support we do, but none of them could be done without our dedicated staff, and one staff member has gone above and beyond for the people he supports.

Wayne has worked for Thera (Scotland) since winter 2021 and is already making a lasting impact on everyone he works with!

When we started our Steps to Wellbeing campaign, people supported by Thera Scotland noticed there are many beautiful cycle paths around their areas but without a wheelchair bike they can’t be enjoyed by everyone. This got Wayne thinking.

A few years ago, the people supported by Thera Scotland had the opportunity to try out a wheelchair accessible bike, and they loved it! Unfortunately, due to the weather and the bike’s availability, it wasn’t possible to use it often. It was suggested that one was purchased, and shared across the people supported by Thera (Scotland).

Wayne started fundraising a few years ago to help him through some difficult times. Through this he discovered a love of being active, walking, running, and cycling to raise money for causes he holds close to his heart.

Wayne is now aiming to raise £5,000 to fund a wheelchair accessible bike for the people supported by Thera Scotland.

It’s not only Wayne getting involved. Two of the people he supports will be taking on their own challenges alongside Wayne. Watch this space for more updates on Wayne’s fundraising progress and the people he supports!

Donate to Wayne’s fundraising campaign here!