About us

Ansar Projects was formed by a local Bury couple in 2010 to provide support to a young man coming out of education and needing the right support on his journey into adulthood.

This young man is still supported by his dedicated staff team in his own home.

Ansar Projects soon grew to have a number of small residential care homes and provided some short breaks for people.

In 2016 Ansar Projects became part of Thera Group and changed from providing registered care to supported living.

People moved out of the properties they were living in which were renovated and modernised and then they moved back in as tenants.

Highgrove was originally purchased to be used as a location for people to live in while their homes were being modernised.

Once all the renovations were was completed early in 2017, Highgrove became our Short Breaks house so we could continue to provide this type of support for people who has previously received it in the registered care homes.

Ansar Projects have continued to support new people to find a home of their own.

We have also further developed our Community Support so that people can learn socialisation skills alongside their education and support their journey into adulthood.

Being part of Thera Group we are proud to support Thera’s Vision and endeavour to embed this in our practice.