Our ACE Team – Ansar’s Champions of Excellence

Ansar Projects ACE Team was formed back in early 2019 when a group of people we support expressed an interest in learning more about some of the checks staff carried out in their homes to help keep them safe.

We thought the first meeting we had would be a one off information session – we never expected the ACE team to be formed or still be an integral part of what we do now.

While the ACE team is still involved in how we support people with being healthy and keeping safe their agenda has developed.

Regular meetings take part with the team and they contribute ideas to help form  what Ansar Projects does.

They have been instrumental with some of the ‘green’ ideas including introducing composting at our Short Break house and the development of the Greenhouse Projects.

The group have also been keen to make some of the paperwork we use more ‘friendly’ and helped to develop an easier to use version of our risk assessment form.

The ACE team are keen to learn and sessions are put on to support this which have so far included Risk Assessing and Fire Safety.

They also visited a local recycling centre to learn about waste management.

Anyone we support is welcome to become part of our ACE team – we are always happy to welcome new members and new ideas.